Be a Data Scientist in 6 months. Job Guaranteed.


The Python Data Science Stack

  • Python Data Science Tool Box
  • Data Visualisation in Python
  • Python Code Optimization
  • Hands On Projects
  • Capstone Phase :  Project Proposal


Data Storytelling

  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data storytelling and effective communication
  • Capstone Project : Data Storytelling


Data Wrangling

  • Data Wrangling with Pandas
  • Working with Data in Files (JSON, CSV, Excel)
  • Working with data in databases
  • Collecting data from Internet
  • Hands On Exercises
  • Capstone Phase : Data Wrangling


Statistical Method for Data Analysis

  • Frequent Inference and Descriptive statistics
  • Bootstrap Inference
  • Bayesian Inference
  • A/B Testing
  • Application Of Inferential Statistics
  • Advanced Resources
  • Hands On Exercises


Data Science at Scale

  • Large scale data manipulation : Map Reduce
  • NoSQL databases
  • Distributed Computing Framework : Spark
  • SparkML and MLlib : Machine Learning at scale


Machine Learning

  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • SVM and Trees
  • Bayesian Methods and Text Data
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Capstone Project


Choose Your Data Science Specialization

  • The Generalist Track : Advanced Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing Track
  • Deep Learning Track


Career Service

  • Take Home Challenges
  • Schedule Technical/Non-Technical Mock Interviews
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Creating Effective Job Search Strategy
  • Craft Resume and LinkedIn Profile
  • Community Engagement


Capstone Project

  • Data Science at Scale
    Machine Learning at Scale
  • or Natural Language Processing at Scale
  • or Deep Learning at Scale


Course Structured for Working Professionals with Programming Experience.

Weekly 1:1 Mentorship Calls with Leading Data Scientists.

Personalised Career coaching, Job Assistance and Job Guarantee*

Project Based Learning


6 months

Program delivery:


Hours of content: 450+

Fees: Rs.1.95L 

(Incl of taxes)

Apply before:

5th Mar, 2020

Quick facts

14000+ students 

empowered online

Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 : Apache Spark @Scale : A 60 TB+ Use Case at Facebook
  • Case Study 2 : Explainable AI/ML
  • Case Study 3 : Natural Language Processing - Finding Duplicate Questions on Quora
  • Case Study 4 : Computer Vision - Medical Images
  • Case Study 5 : Computer Vision - Fashion Images

Mini Projects

  • JSON based data exercises
  • API Mini Project
  • SQL Mini Project
  • Human Body Temperature using EDA
  • Examine racial discrimination using EDA
  • Reduce hospital readmission using EDA
  • Linear regression using Boston housing data set
  • Heights and weights using logistic regression
  • Predictive movie ratings and reviews using Naive Bayes
  • Segmentation using Clustering
  • MapReduce with Spark

Springboard Experience: What you get?

                                         Program Overview:

  • Course Structured for Working Professionals only
  • 15 Case Studies and Assignments
  • Weekly 1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Industry Experts
  • Student Advisor to help you complete the course
  • Job Guarantee*
  • 450+ Hours of Learning
  • Hands on Assignments
  • Teaching Associate for Code Reviews
  • No Cost EMI Option
  • Weekly Office Hours with AI Experts

Python Data Science Stack, Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualisation, Statistical Inference, Data Science at Scale, Machine Learning Specialization

Top Skills You Will Learn: 

Job Opportunities:

Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer

Tools Covered: 

Python Data Science Tool Box, Scikit Learn,  Spark/PySpark, Pandas, SQL/NoSQL, Keras/TensorFlow, SparkML

Lifetime Access to resources

EMI: Available with Zero Interest

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Springboard Certification

Data Science Career Track with Online Classroom

Durations: 9 months

Price: ₹2,65,000 (Incl. taxes)

Data Science Career Track 

Durations: 6 months

Price: ₹1,95,000 (Incl. taxes)

Choose the Delivery Format which suits you the best

Online Format | Duration: 6 months

Price: ₹1,95,000

  • Learn at your Own Pace
  • 24 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 12 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited TA access for doubt clarification.

Online Classroom Format | Duration: 9 months

Price: ₹2,65,000

  • Learn from Top-Rated Faculty 
  • 30 hours of Interactive Online Classroom Sessions
  • 30 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • 15 1:1 Career Coaching Sessions
  • Unlimited TA access for doubt clarification.